Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ayn Rand, Shaitan & Blurred Belief ....

Two things happened today.

I revisited Ayn Rand after years. I’m part of a Book Club that decided to do Night of the January 16th this month.
The only popular Ayn Rand book I hadn’t read. And no, surprisingly, age hasn’t lessened her appeal for me.

I’ve heard this from many friends. While you go through an Ayn Rand phase in college, later, as life edges you towards a smoother whisky, u dodge ur edges and, a need for radical philosophy.

Unfortunately, doesn’t hold true for me.
Loved it then. Love it now.

Never really had the gumption to follow it totally though.
Individualistic thought to the point of self destruction, I guess, was too radical for even me.

Incidentally, I also began today with a movie that has been the talk of discerning movie goers most of the last few months.

Missed it in the hall, and ended up planning so much to take time out for an orchestrated movie experience at home that, finally ended up doing a morning quickie today.

6 and my AC rajaaii J

I didn’t like Shaitan… it may be the face of today’s moneyed youth but I’m sorry I don’t get it.

By the way I love the genre..I’m all for experimentative cinema…..I don’t think that’s what it was was contrived cinema.

Coming back to how this connects with the book…Ayn Rand is also contrived…she speaks of ideology that is beyond us.

Aspirational, superbly crafted, yet, illusionary.
However, the difference is there is philosophical truth that is exaggerated to enunciate.
Shaitan was a lot of enunciation, bereft of any connect but the obvious.

There are afew lines in the book that could sum up the philosophical premise of Shaitan beautifully..let me give them to u :

Flint : Now, tell us, didn’t Mr Faulkner have a clear conception of the difference between right and wrong?
Karen : Bjorn never thought of things as right or wrong. To him, it was only u can or u can’t. he always could.

I kept waiting for something like this in the movie..powerful, the obvious, direct.

So we did the drugs, and the sassy dialogues, the indulgent khoya khoya chand which u could have replaced with any old song sung in the same style and, we would have still lapped it up…but u forgot the damn soul.

When every Ayn Rand hero/heroine speaks of “belief in nothing but own pleasure”, the mind creates a context.

When the same hero then prefers to destroy the ideal he/she has created to not do injustice to it, I believe. Even though its not something I endorse.

I missed that in Shaitan.
The core belief.

I’ve realized that I love experiences that make me go back to my beliefs, evaluate the distance I’ve traversed in the years that I’ve led.

I could write loads on another book that made me change overnight – 40 Rules of Love….but that’s for another time, another post.

Love, anyway, is worth more than a passing mention …


Shaswati said...

nice :)

Nuttcracker said...

Svety ur words have the angst of a hidden person inside u who is yearning to raise its head and flood the words....
I am waiting for your take on 40 has amazing shades and I'd like to see your colors....
Go on champ and rule the world of words....we are waiting in the galleries to applaud.