Friday, September 09, 2011


Friends who chance upon this blog have always told me that I seem to straddle different paradigms in terms of personality profiles.

While my writing is grey bordering on black, my real world social interactions are anything but.
I don't really find this reading surprising.

For all my social avataar, I am pretty much a recluse..and, happy being so. I can spend days without venturing out of the house, just entertaining myself with books, my programs, cooking. I accept.
Its been some time since I actually applied myself to writing.

The plan is to reclaim some of the black on white and, gift myself a book..poetry comes easy so will start with that...all my publisher and reader friends tell me I've lost the battle before the war by choosing poems as my weapon of choice...what the heck...even if they aren't published, they will be read.
Whats the point of having a social avataar if it can't give forum to a recluse's fancy :)..
I'm back..this time to stay.


Shaswati said...

good - just keep writing :)

VK said...

Welcome back. :)