Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Its summer too soon this year.
Have decided to write more frequently again.
Maintains equilibrium.

And no headings to my posts…why should I have to commit to a strong underlying theme for any of the stuff I write ?

I choose to be unspecific!

Tripping on ghazals again nowadays.

I have this strong mental image of myself sitting behind an old wood study table writing a book. I look really intellectual, glasses perched high on my perfectly done up hair (just to sort of digress, I comb every weekend..like the just out of bed look or so I have convinced myself) and wearing one of those fab india type of sarees, kohl rimmed eyes…smoky…oooh…

My son seems as old as I am now in that vision so I guess I have a long way to go…

Till then, this is me…carefree

Not careless, just carefree.

Liar !

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