Friday, April 23, 2010

Its amazing how we fool ourselves into believing that the reason we don’t do anything is because we don’t know it is happening.


Give urselves some credit guys and, heaps of guts too.

We don’t do it because we know, we understand and we take a conscious decision not to disturb the balance.
We don’t do it because we know, we understand and we are a part of the reality that makes it happen.
We also don’t do it because it is so much easier to be happy and blind and part of an unidentifiable mass than a lone crusading upstart voice.

And all of these reasons are OK. Its OK to be any or all of these. As long as u “know”.

One maddeningly, ambitious, greedy man bent an already broken system to build an industry out of nothing. Many sat and, watched him doing it. Hated his style and ofcourse, his guts. Used his power all the same.

This one man allegedly made pots of money for himself and, ah what a kind good family guy, for his family too. This went on for afew years,,about the same time our robust investigative news channels were airing how murky the world of saas bahu and saazish has gotten. Really entertaining, because the needle of suspicion was not pointing at this one guy at all…he was so clean u these amazingly super investigative zealots of the media world had no reason to investigate him…the saas looked deadlier. And anyway, he was so subtle in approach…almost looked gandhian.
And now ofcourse, we know what he did…..greedy greedy man..he made so much money…ya so what if others did too…one man …we are a humane socialist bunch of village idiots u know…that’s Indian..we’re so true to our roots…we choose such people to govern us…and we never once doubt them…all of them are true descendants of gandhi and buddha.

While we have proven time and again how beautifully inconsistent we are with our loyalties and, so hugely dependant on our ignorance to bail us through most anything in life…I am happy that this one man is so consistently full of himself that he is going down guns blazing.

In the only way he knows how.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Read something really cool on someone's fb status update about "surrender".

The whole game in life is about either surrendering to a bigger, more powerful reality or working towards making it surrender towards urs.

Anyway, have decided to give the soul searching , angsty me a rest...have plain freakin exhausted and out thought i choose to surrender...see.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

True to promise I'm back.
I think busy is also a state of heart. Like happiness.

I've never been busier than I am right now. Every night I fall asleep exhausted and dead. My
sugars pumping again so that is possibly a great contributor to the dead bit. Nah, am not being flippant..just can't get over the fact that after so many years of being called sweetie and hating it, I am now officially that horrible word.

The point is, even with so much happening, why am I not busy enuf to be so exhausted that I can think of nothing else but this.
Busy at heart........

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Its summer too soon this year.
Have decided to write more frequently again.
Maintains equilibrium.

And no headings to my posts…why should I have to commit to a strong underlying theme for any of the stuff I write ?

I choose to be unspecific!

Tripping on ghazals again nowadays.

I have this strong mental image of myself sitting behind an old wood study table writing a book. I look really intellectual, glasses perched high on my perfectly done up hair (just to sort of digress, I comb every the just out of bed look or so I have convinced myself) and wearing one of those fab india type of sarees, kohl rimmed eyes…smoky…oooh…

My son seems as old as I am now in that vision so I guess I have a long way to go…

Till then, this is me…carefree

Not careless, just carefree.

Liar !