Tuesday, May 05, 2009


It finally rained yesterday..that is actually an understatement..it poured..all of three and a half drops.
I lapped it up like Katrina in the aamsutra ad….felt like her too J

I want to go for a luxurious holiday.
It has to be the beach. And it has to cost almost nothing. And of course, it has to be with the person I want it to be with.
I do live in exciting times don’t I?
Well if you don’t think so…lemme clarify…the flavour of my season is Shane Warne.
Yaya I know he’s every woman’s worst nightmare come alive but hey, dream big man! I’m not going to get him just because I want him.

Age and experience come in handy when you have to deal with such irrational desires (ahem!).
Which brings me to something that I’ve been thinking off recently.

I find youth overrated in terms of its ability to refresh, aspire and deliver.
The confidence and keenness to venture out today is much more than I ever felt 10 yrs back.
Maybe its the confidence that comes from earning ur own keep or the sensitivity to see a third side to the story with the two sides we’ve always been taught to.
Or just simply, Ur ability to take off on Ur own.

I read Anuja Chauhan’s “The Zoya Factor”…enjoyed it too (just out of curiosity, does that make me a chick?). Probably too frivolous for most but I think it has awesome film hooks..Hopefully will get to see the movie soon too considering SRK has bought the rights. I giggled quite a bit reading it..and that too, in not the most smile worthy, phase of my life. Thank u Anuja….you don’t know me but u did make my life easier for those few seconds of reprieve.

Apart from that, what have I been upto…hmmm…

Learning the language of the bulls and bears…
Sleeping at every single split second opportunity…..
Waiting for Parul’s book..go go gurl!
Following the IPL like a cricket fanatic and cheering teams and, (ahem) team captains for all the wrong reasons
Swearing every night that tom is going to be the day pan parag is hurled out of the window and I’m seen in the sexiest tracks I have, downstairs, swinging to the beat of my new found enthu ….hahahaha
Following it up every morning with WTF, tom…yaar

The book hasn’t started..the script synopsis is half finished..the restaurant idea perishing…I am just waiting for god alone knows what..to start !

My beauty of a son tells me I won't live to see these three if I dnt get the first one..the unsaid, unspoken off enemy...out! I did tell you we are a family surviving on IPL :0