Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Sorted It

The expectation of reciprocation is so misleading to intelligent thought.

I behave in a certain manner and therefore you should to.
Classical tit for tat.

And, when it is challenged, the mind refuses to sort itself out for fear of encountering truths better left as illusions.

This expectation is human and deny it as much as you will, it festers on emotional contact.

It takes guts to show that u’re human enough to feel its ugly head rearing….and more, to stamp it down.

But then, intelligent thought is also so misleading to the reciprocation of expectation….

“वो न आये तो सताती है खलिश सी दिल को...
वो जो आये तो खलिश और जवान होती हैं….”

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VK said...

interesting...hope u doing well :)