Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey, This Is Not It

Everyday I grapple with my inner demons.

My ex boss said in his farewell speech that I am unique (well I guess he couldn’t very well say I’m crazy) and, I just need to come to terms with them.

I disagree.

I am what I am because I have come to terms with them.

Now I think I just need to let them go…

The first and foremost would be to make peace with what I want to do with my professional self.

The jury is out on that one…

Oh heavens, just contradicted myself.

I, as the jury, am out on that one…as usual, there are hard decisions that need to be taken and I don’t see myself taking them.

There should be a purpose to life, right?

Somehow, my heart refuses to believe what I’m doing right now is the purpose of mine.

1 comment:

VK said...

it is a never IT.

i guess that is the whole idea. but the quest itself for that elusive purpose is what makes the journey worth it and someday u will find IT...or so is the hope that keeps one going, happily so.