Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Romancing Myself

Today is one of those days……..
A tear hangs for dear life on my eye lash,
I just have to shut my eyes and drink it in.
I’m not sad.
oh no....
just one of those days,
I choose to wear love on my lips…
And, sparkling water in my eyes.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

So Sassy It Kills

The reason I love IPL apart from

the unapologetic debauchery of making and enjoying a spectacle,

the adrenaline rush one experiences when two balls make enough of a difference to silence the staunchest and the raunchiest in the business…hey, I am talking about the balls one uses while playing cricket

the stories my mind conjures up off the rich and famous and, so out of reach celebrities, to blow them to smithereens, as I see them relegated to desperate fan status

Ishant Sharma and his flowing mane….could give SRK a run for his money, I say

SRK himself, who could easily sway a billion hearts with his oh so blasted dimples and, even more, with the genius that he truly is…i’ve always believed perception to be a strong mover of character especially in fields external to oneself…there is no beating SRK their…he is over the top ya, but, he is so there, for the cause…and I’m sure, that matters to the team on the field, even as we belittle his antics and revel in the them in the same breath..

Mallya grinning and admitting “srk kicked our ass”….its a game and that is the spirit….no pun intended

the launch of so many players whom I can’t name right now but, will know like the back of my hand, a month from now

getting to see a Ponting hug an Ishant Sharma, a Jayasuriya strategize with a Sachin, a Bhajji lead a team

The reason I love the IPL apart from these is Billy Boyden…

Oh yeah….I’m so so in love with him….

That man has everything it takes..

So sassy he blows me off my feet every time he struts his stuff for that boundary…..