Monday, March 17, 2008

Aaj Mere Bhai Ki Shaadi Hai

Its been an extremely eventful one month...and without time to write, an annoyingly painful one at times.

My bro got kid bro got married and I still have to pinch myself to believe it.

I still remember the day he was born..he was born in the week Prince Charles and Princess Di got married...every kid born in that week got a hamper from royalty...I was majorly kicked that my baby bro was so important.
And, to say that was prophetic would be an understatement...he is most critical in my life...
hes always been 10yrs younger than me but over the years those 10 yrs really haven't counted for 10.
We have been chosen differently by destiny and challenged in a manner differentiated.
He has struggled to get his due and got it most times, though through huge travails of crises.

I can proudly say that not for a moment did my faith in him diminish.

I am happy that he is usual, after a period of crises.

I saw him in the crib some 25 yrs back and knew he was mine...he always will be..mine.

I also fell ill..seriously ill after a long long time..went through half the wedding without my voice and with IV channel stuck to my hand..a warning signal everyone tells me..maybe my crises is something I can avert...

but I know in my heart that it was just me taking upon myself the ill luck following my bro..

I have it in me to withstand and, I withstood..

I have never been superstitious but this wedding had to happen with as much happiness as possible..he deserved to be happy and I just get the feeling I helped..

stupid nonsense some would say, but I know and, thats enough.

Kick Ass Bro like u always do and, I'm right behind u to kick urs, like I've always done..
luv ya and my new bhabhi..