Monday, December 03, 2007

Love U Nompie

My Nani is coming tomorrow. For the first time in over two years she is venturing out of her home to a new place.

My nana and nani were my lifeline for decades.
They still would be if it were not for a slight turn in their fortunes over the last few years.
Now I am their lifeline. As are my brothers and sisters and of course, our babies.

There is no one stronger I know.
She was all of 14 when she got married and from there went on to build a life as a leading doctor, a leading doctor who was female.
She gave up on fame because she wanted to see us grow up.
Now she wages a battle against my Nana’s Alzheimer’s even as we see him giving up.
She can barely stand but completely walks the talk.
She is what I would call a survivor. My very own religion.

And, she’s coming tomorrow.

This whole weekend I have run scared of picking up the phone on her.
I didn’t want to hear her tell me that she wouldn’t be able to leave nanajee alone and come.
But she hasn’t done that and, hopefully she will walk into my home tomorrow with just me as a crutch.

I asked her what she most yearns for.
She told me she can taste the McDonald’s Burger in her dreams. Such simple dreams.

I have 5 days to make her feel she can walk again without pain…almost glide. And I’m all set to do that.

And, all she wants is a damn burger…

Love u Nompie….


rayshma said...

wish i knew what it felt like to have a naani...
m sure she'll be thrilled with ishu... :)

Smiling Dolphin said...

lucky svety, lucky nompie, lucky burger!!

svety said...

fed her that burger alright, lynn and u should have seen the bliss on her face...

she gave ishu his name and I gave birth to ishu at my nani's ya there is a connection raysh

Simpu said...

hmmmm.... so any more nompie stories from her visit... am waiting!