Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Straight Talking

These are questions I encounter everyday from someone or the other..

Most times, I do have the answer to them but I just couldn’t be bothered to reply, so I bluff my way through. They think I’m witty, I just think I’m nutty.

Sometimes, I marvel at their audacity to invite themselves into my space.

And, in one of those rare moments when an experience strikes you like summer lightening, I thank them for waking me upto the possibility of being alive.

Svety, are u doing something for urself? Left gymming?

When are u going to open the restaurant baby?

When are u ever going to learn to say No, anu?

You still don’t know how to manage your finances do you?

Are you ever going to leave pan parag?

Do you know you need to comb ur hair everday?

When will you really tell me what u’re feeling?

And, I could drone on…..

And then, there are others, I have no hope in hell of ever answering..

In these moments of ennui……nusrat helps…

"मैं तो इस वासते चुप हूँ की तमाशा न बने
तू समझता है मुझे तुझसे गिला कुछ भी नही"

No I’m not gymming. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Yet again. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get back on. Whenever.

I have no clue when I’m gonna open that restaurant..or, if I’m gonna open it…in my dreams I have done it a dozen times over.

What would you guys do if I learnt to say No?

I would manage my finances if I had any left.

Pan Parag ….u want me to stop lying too?

Hey I love gypsy hair…makes me look sassy.

The last one I have no smartass answer to….

All I can say in my defense is, I do care for the fact that my friends care enough to ask..

"अब न उठना सरहाने से मेरे
अब तो गिन्नती के दम रह गए हैं"


Anonymous said...


Very well written..especially the nusrat bit and the end...


shaswati said...


Smiling Dolphin said...

sounds gorgeous, except for the nusrat bit, which as always i couldn't get...sigh. try this out when someone asks you a question you don't want to answer - ask a question back :-))

svety said...

hey prachi..thnx a ton..i wouldn't know how to deal with so many things if nusrat wasn't around..


lynn..u're back..one day i promise to translate all the hindi stuff i put up just for u...one day