Monday, November 26, 2007

No Curtains

Have you ever had one of those days where u want to do everything unconnected with what u ought to be doing…

Today is one of those days…

I want to say things which amount to gibberish…
talk like a four yr old..
throw tantrums..
have panic attacks and then giggle fits…..
not look at that horrible thing on ur hand called a watch…
just dream the day away

I wanna talk about love today…that's unconnected alright with what I ought to be doing.

I’m a believer…never ever questioned why.
Actually that's not surprising, in my personal life I never really question much…
more often than not, I try getting to the answer.
Haha, that's why it works more for others than for me.

I do love and I am in love.

That means that I do feel the rush of blood even though it may be bursting someone else’s veins. Well, that's not a very romantic way of putting it, is it???

Ok let me give u the unabridged version since I have taken it upon myself to act contrary to the demands of established demeanor today.

I love like no tomorrow. I also love without a past.
I love saying ur name even when I’m alone, especially when I’m alone
I love to an end and that is always u
I love the fact that u give me my most loyal friends, my tears
I also love the fact that that gives me my most awaited moment, of u wiping them away
I love the happiness you bring to my life by just being my life
I love u enough to never ask why ...

My mom always raised us to live in a curtainless home…
we don’t have curtains at our place…
she feels very proud of the fact that she has built such a sanctuary where the need to hide emotions is counter productive.

However, she lives with a value system that I find difficult to unlearn, for her and, for myself.

The one promise that I deliver on each moment of my life is the above mentioned.

Love has no conditions.

I love because I can’t not love.

Its not mushy.

Its not romantic.

Its just there.

I love you because u’re the only person that makes me live upto my mom’s dream of no curtains.


Simpu said...

beautiful...just a word 'love' and yet so much more...perhaps brings alive a whole world.

no curtains...thats a great metaphor....

Smiling Dolphin said...

wow! awesome!

shaswati said...

Amazing - great going that you have finally done away with curtains!

rayshma said...

love this piece... :)

svety said...

Vipul..ya curtains is a great metaphor..all my mom's..can't take any credit for being a thought provoker on that one..

thnk u lynn, i know u understand

and, yes shaz it is a step forward, isn't it

raysh..i knew u would love it friend

Rajneesh said...

It is very difficult to understand your trueself. Maybe a fact of being woman.
But all I can say that I've not met a better writer in person. I'll again reiterate "wrong choice of career".
How abt a restaurant (your own)the interior of which is done with your blog.

swati said...

very brave n very very nice.

sadhna kumbhat said...

so well painted emotions which tug at some corner of our heart...wouldn't we all want to love n live with the abandon of no one watching....ur a genius with words.