Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Say Hi to Sexy Hottie Oldie

Have been really jacked for time these past few weeks. Have sat to write many times, only to get waylaid by something more urgent and, less involving.

I turned 35 yesterday.
I keep saying that, hoping it’ll make some difference to the limited wisdom I carry with myself, when I ponder on decisions, I have taken and more critically, on the ones I missed taking.

Its funny that I can’t really remember sitting down and deciding on something….going with the flow is how it has mostly happened…does that make me indecisive?

Nah….I know exactly what I want but its just that I couldn’t be bothered to ponder much on why and, how and, why not and, if not. God, just writing that is tiring me out….:)

Yesterday was not very different from any other day…, it was peaceful outside and, trying to be peaceful inside…
There has to be some merit in that….

Just can’t seem to see it right now….it was quiet, very quiet……just me talking to myself...


Smiling Dolphin said...

well, you decided to leave us and join adidas. and that worked for you. so yes, you have been 'doing something':-)

shaswati said...

Sexy Hottie I agree, not the Oldie part - nah - not at all!

Pradeep said...

meny happy returns of the day and congrtas for new assignment.

just read the story of two brothers, "pitch invasion" one is addidas another is puma. some insight this is.