Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Un Predicting Myself

Surprise Myself.

I want to do that every day.

Every life.

See, I just did it.
I would never have seen myself as a person with an expectation of several lives..

I just don’t want to be able to predict myself.

At an elemental level I think I never surprise myself because I am aware that there exists within me so many different needs and I am fine with one need not meeting another, as long as I am able to satisfy the search..

What the fuck….thats really a bullshit line man…

I want it all….I want it my way…and if I can’t have it so…I’ll have it any way I get it…

Ah, surprised, r u?


Pradeep said...

Quite an introspection...

TinTin said...

Such states are part of growing up.