Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Un Predicting Myself

Surprise Myself.

I want to do that every day.

Every life.

See, I just did it.
I would never have seen myself as a person with an expectation of several lives..

I just don’t want to be able to predict myself.

At an elemental level I think I never surprise myself because I am aware that there exists within me so many different needs and I am fine with one need not meeting another, as long as I am able to satisfy the search..

What the fuck….thats really a bullshit line man…

I want it all….I want it my way…and if I can’t have it so…I’ll have it any way I get it…

Ah, surprised, r u?

Thursday, September 13, 2007


After spending the most hilarious evening of my life, with my son, yesterday, I decided drastic realizations call for immediate measures.

He has grown up in the last few months at a speed greater than the last few years and I don’t think its really registered at a mommy level.

So, in all mommy earnestness, I announce that I’m creating another space for my junior where I shall attempt to capture his unique sense of humour and absolutely scary insightful comments in full glory.

I don’t know whether I should be writing this, but at some level of consciousness, I want him to have some part of what we share from now and have shared in the past, always. I’m not going anywhere..but I just want to be around when I am needed.

There is never a time which is more right than the time we act and I just hope that when he grows up, technology has not evolved to such an extent that this space gets eaten up….

All of you are more than welcome to my son’s world…..he has me walking on sunshine most every moment…

The first of those anecdotes that had me in splits…out this weekend..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Colour Me Up

Have been smiling since I had this conversation….thought I’d share it to keep the smile happy.

I got this frantic call from my son right now. He will be seven this coming Jan and, for anyone who thinks the new generation is precocious, read on…

I barely pick up my phone – “Momma, आज 1 minute के लिए मेरे life में चमक आ गयी” (which literally translated, stands for this, Momma, today for 1 minute, my life got... lit)

Me, in my proudest mommy moment, thinking he had finally made it in cricket (by the way, hes an opening batsman of the infant cricket team for his school, no mean joke this): “what happened betu ?…I knew u could do it.”

“Momma आज Chantelle मेरे बगल वाले seat पर आकर बैठी….मेरी life bindass हो गयी”..(Now Chantelle, is the heartthrob of their class, which is standard 1, and a constant one angle of any triangle….in the last few months of this semester, endless number of best friends have come and gone over this one prized angle)

Now, I don’t use the most appropriate language infront of him always…but such colour in his words needed to be appreciated..

So I joined in the revelry……"बिलकुल jhakaas na betu…अब वहीँ बैठेगी? “

“Offoo momma…तुम्हारे साथ यही ना problem है, तुम इतना जल्दी excited हो जाती हो…बस आज के लिए आयी थी….hyper मत हो….लेकिन चमक गयी mommy मेरी लाइफ…”

I still can’t stop smiling…..the next decade is gonna be so mast…।

Everyday I'm told to stop talking like a nutcase infront of him coz he'll end up flunking his language tests...that I should talk the way I write....haha

Between u and me, I love the colour in the way he talks and, I shall take a bow..oh yeah