Friday, July 27, 2007

Its Never the Pace & Always the Space

I sit in my space and,
hope to
conquer, more space
by just operating within…

If only
conquests were so easy
to run by,
And, hope,
such a performer.

This space
has to change.
I win hearts over from this space.
I love, and,
am loved...
This space still has to change.

For me
lose myself
in this space,
This space has to change.

For me
be able to prove to myself,
That I have a heart and,
it beats,
This space has to change.


Smiling Dolphin said...

great stuff, svety. btw, thanks for face book but i just can't figure it out. shall keep trying.

svety said...

thnx always...can't seem to post a comment on ur blog...have been trying for more than afew days now...the song u've put there is really awesome and possibly the inspiration for the one I've written here...

Smiling Dolphin said...

i wonder why, i am receiving comments, ofcourse i delete a few! you should hear the song, let me try and mail it to you, it's haunting, so is our poem..

Simpu said...

In the end the consequence is what we do...for space and...for pace

Abhilasha said...

Hi svety, visiting your blog after a long, long while...And this is fantastic