Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I See Yellow

Its been quite some time since I wrote.
Have not really been busy. Just haven’t had anything to say I guess.
In the past, someone close once told me, that I write more when I’m angst ridden. Haha..Perhaps I should take this as a good sign then.
Or, on the contrary, angst is such a part of life that I’ve stopped noticing its presence. Haven’t we all?
I’m happy.
Maybe its because I’m wearing yellow today.
Yellow makes me a sunnier person. Always.
Or, maybe, its because I have finally started off on something that I should have ideally finished by now
Or better still, maybe, I made some time to look at myself in the mirror today
And, I saw Yellow…..


Rashmi said...

Sounds lovely...very feel-good post.
Your Yellow Equals to My Green?
When I see green, I feel fresh, young (I'm chronologically young, but i frequently feel rather old) :)

Shome said...

Can almost hear the "Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo" music in the background...

So the fake flowers should be Yellow? Or can I experiment a bit?

rayshma said...

u knw, 1 of d reasons i joined hungama was coz of their card. it's a brite n happy YELLOW! :)
me feels like a nice, warm... happy being with yellow...:)
stay happy... but also, keep blogging..:)

Milan said...

what a way to start April...spring's here and it shows in your blog..:))... gaata rahe mera dil....

svety said...

Ah I can see I've managed to infuse the spirit of spring ....

yes shome u can experiment all u want...after all thats what this post is about

milan, thats one of my fav songs and u still haven't started writing again

rayshma, soon...

and rashmi, i hear u're leaving for far off lands...heres hoping u see a $ green future (all puns intended)

Mahogany said...

Good for you. BTW, I like your new template - very easy on the eye.