Sunday, March 25, 2007


Just some questions that keep coming back :

What would Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar's son hear when he goes to school tommorrow ?

If this is sport then would I want my son to be a sportsperson

If people have unrealistic aspirations, even a billion of them, do they have the right to blame anyone but themselves at the fall

So many soul searchers and yet none that has the guts to stare the truth in his face

The fall of one single God and yet it'll only take us one small victory to create another ten of them

I am sad that the best batting lineup in the world failed but we were only investing our hopes, demands, ambition in them. Wake upto the fact that this must be tragic for them. If you want a part of the win, be ready to take responsibility for the spoils.

They failed not because they endorse brands, or earn millions or even woo phillum babes. They failed because they did not deserve to win. They were bested and thats that.

Lets stop calling ourselves fans of the game and these players if we can't stop thinking beyond our nose and how much it has cost us.

Grow up....we have a team to resurrect and only the faith of a billion to do it with...


Mahogany said...

Spot on. And it freaks me out that the ICC did not seem to have even considered stopping the tournament after Woolmer was found to have been murdered. It's a game. It should never be a matter of life and death.

Lynn said...

Fully agree Svety. The way India has reacted, it's more Shame on you India, the billions, rather than India, the cricketers.

Abhigyan said...

very well put...though the issue is not so simplistic as you state..but the perspective is right...

is only a billion wished could create world-beaters, we should have been olympic champions..

Amrith said...

Loved your piece. I had the same thought, what will sachin tendulkars son have to face in school and kids we know can be cruel as they are cute... But as u said if you can soak up the adulation u better take the blows