Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It Is He

Some years back I had read this most amazing book " The Bridges of Madison County". I was going through a rather turbulent personal life myself then, and it made the book more impactful. I saw the movie after the book and was almost certain that it wouldn't be as engrossing. I was wrong.
I would love to make a hindi adaptation of the same and there is no other who would be able to do justice to the role of the protagonist more than the man above.

This is not a post on my thoughts about Nishabd.

Its about this one man who makes it look so easy....

I didn't discover I was a great gunner for this man till very late. I caught his bad phase, all the "Aaj Ka Arjuns" and the "Padosin Apni Murgi Ko Rakhna Sambhal" days. Today I can look back and say that there was beauty in that too, but then, I was not ready to tolerate anything but the sensible. Now that I think of it, that perspective on its own, was so senseless...

And, then someone introduced me to "Shakti". I saw Shakti before I saw Deewar. And, I fell. Post that day, it has been a conscious effort to keep up with him. He never surprises me. He gives me pictures that I carry home from the dead black of a cinema hall and, he completely colours my perspective about other actors.

Nishabd just proves again

that there is noone else who can do "The Bridges of Madison County" for me

that there is this man who lives like an island, complete in his own environ

that the time it takes for him to portray the transformation of a 60yr old man's understanding with life, to a 40 yr old's rebellion with that understanding, could be likened to the flicker of a gaze

that when he laughs its a celebration that you asolutely cannot say No to....

The "he" is not intentional. Would not want to usurp whatever little Rekha has of "him".

Watch him in the scene in which he discovers his daughter knows about his relationship with the 18yr old and it'll just give you reason to repeat one more time, there lives a king and it is HE !!


rayshma said...

u know svety, i was also introduced to the phenomenon much later in life. the first i saw of him was also in that crappy phase. later, when i saw satte pe satta, abhiman, sharabi... that's when i realized why "he" was/is idolized the way only "he" is! because "he" deserves it.

i haven't seen nishabd, but sure intend to.
loved this post.

Abhigyan said...

i don't know whether he have discussed this, but check him out in 'bemisaal'..he brings awesome dignity to the role - of a human avenger, and a godly benefactor combined...

emgeez said...

Attagal! I was always embarrassed of my partiality for that particular saga of love & loss set amidst picturesque madison county...i mean it IS smthing i love as much as i love Mrs Dalloway..nice reading u liked it too & yeah, AB Sr. wud be a nice Richard Kincaid. cheers!
p.s. like ur writing. ur gonna find more of me around. :-)