Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aa Dil Kya Mehfil Hai Tere Kadmon Mein

I was down with viral over the weekend and much of the 1st half of this week. Fell ill after a long time so enjoyed myself quite a bit....thats a stupid thing to say, right???
Discovered so many things about myself, my life, others, their lives and of course, my loves....

These lines kept coming back to me in some form or the other. All of them snapshots from different songs that I had heard before but never really sat down with. Now that I did sit with them, I realised they summed up my life so damn well.

"Dheemi aanch pe tuu zara ishq chadha"

"Isi shauq kaa imtihaan jindagi hai"

"Kehne ko saath apne ek duniya chalti hai
Par chhupke is dil mein tanhaayi palti hai"

"har nazar uth rahi hai tumhaari taraf,tumhaari nazar hai hamaari tarf
aankh uthana tumhara to phir thik tha,
aankh utha kar jhukaana ghazab dha gaya"



Lynn said...

you make me feels so stupid, hindi i don't know, hindi in english oh-my-god.

shaswati said...

Great to know one can even have the luxury of a musical viral fever!