Monday, January 08, 2007

The Song That Said It All

"Bepanaah pyar hai aajaa
Tera Intezaar hai aajaa..."

Little did I know that I would be paying homage to this not so bad song from a very bad movie afew yrs from listening to it first. The movie is not important and neither was the song till afew minutes back. And, afew minutes means afew minutes.

I just got a call from my mom. A very unusual call. Not because it was from my mother but because of what she wanted to talk to me about.

Just to digress a little, my mom calls me at least 5 times a day over completely inconsequential things about everything she shouldn't be bothered about. And, in my 34 yrs of life I have never, I repeat NEVER heard or seen her doing or facilitating anything for HERSELF.

I feel ashamed. Because I don't know what my mom wants for herself. Just herself.

I know she lives for her family. And, I know, 38 yrs of caring for my father has made laughing so easy for and with her. I know she knows what each of her kid's desires are (well, almost all) and there is nothing that she will not do to make them come alive. To say that my mom knows no life apart from the one she has with her family would perhaps, be an understatement.

She is no shadow. Oh no !! She wields power without ever raising her voice (oky, so thats slightly untrue at times), because we bow to the love that has been showered on us through the years. We all agree that without her, my dad would never have been able to become the father he is and, we kids, would have grown up with unknown dreams and insignificant shadows.

But, I still don't know what my mom wants. For herself. No Dad, No Kids. Just herself.

Till about 20 mins back......She just called. She said she was going to ask me a very stupid question. She wanted to know which movie this song was from. She said she loved it and wanted to buy the cd. And, she sounded embarassed about it.

After so many years, I heard off something she wanted.

The song just turned from being humdrum to phenomenal.....


Abhigyan said...

That is a wonderfully perceptive piece...And it makes me envious because there are small little happy things (like Hrishi da's movies) I want to write about, but would never manage to get the thought across.

By the way, the song is from 'Krishna Cottage', picturised on Isha and Sohail Khan of all people. And a query, will all your posts now appear italicised?

Simpu said...

The greatest joys of life lie in the simplest of things - Simple Abundance

Lynn said...

oh dear, svety, will you think it terribly terribly cruel of me if i told you...perhaps it took you 34 years to LISTEN. there's something to be said maybe for working with animals. speech...humanity's biggest drawback.

svety said...

I completely agree lynn....not at all cruel. Its sad that the only time I even attempted to understand was only once i became a mother....

Well said Simpu...but the most difficult to understand are the simplest too..

And, Abhi, i wish the perception hadn't taken so long in coming... And, ofcourse thanku

Shaswati said...

Lovely, don't want to say anything more as it will spoil the entire effect!

Minal said...

Lovely post, Svety!