Sunday, January 14, 2007

Its Time To Set The Cold Aside

When does the end come?

When u accept it, or, when you take action to change the existing truth, or the non-truth?

Or are they levels that you work through?

Are they sequential or can they hit you, not out of the blue because you knew it all along didn't you, but, because how much longer can you resist the hurt and hence, the hurting anyways?

Will it ever be enough to say enough without really doing anything?

What and when is enough? When will it be alright to stop pretending that you have reason to believe that you're some way away from it?

When will it be time to say, I tried but, I failed?

As the sun enters the northern hemisphere today, as the Sun God proceeds to visit his prodigal son Shani today, as Vishnu emerges victorious over the Asuras today, as Bhishma decides to use his boon of "ikchha mrityu" today,
I ask myself to stand before the mirror and say "its time to set the cold aside".......

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