Friday, December 08, 2006

Of Hope, the Need & the Greed

Its amazing, the path I tread, always makes me smile at my impudence. How could I have been so arrogant in thinking that I knew where I'd land up !!!

I take time out and laugh.....

I, never in my wildest imagination thought I would be working for the Sports Performance Brand.....and enjoying it at that....I laugh

Again, I always tell the ones who still love me how i'm going to make it up to them one day....i'll lose weight.....look like a million bucks.....and ensure that the time I lost with them because I just couldn't look the way they wanted me to look wouldn't has to come full circle, right??? And, I laugh

There is no way love can live and die in the same time frame....thats what i grew up believing. And, I laugh

There is no way I can live without you....indeed!! And, I laugh

My son's going to look at me with the same "love in his eyes look" forever....hahahahahah

I laugh at all these and so many more. I call it Hope. At times the need to hope, Most times, the greed to hope.....

I'm rooting for u Dada....fight back and give us the comeback you deserve....oh god don't make me laugh at this one.

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rayshma said...

it's strange. and true. the way life makes us laugh at what we've always believed! :))