Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just Pictures

Some days back a very good friend of mine wrote a testimonial for me on orkut. Something he wrote hit me and made me think more about what he said.

I have always led a convenient life in terms of time and space. I can easily blend into the current, nothing, but, the current.

Am not good at remembering the past in all its glory, just moments that stand out because memory hasn't failed them. They are like textured pictures that I carry with myself and treat myself to in moments of solitude, which are rare in themselves. I know what they smell like, i know what colour they are and I love to feel the way they make me feel. These pictures are not necessarily happy but take me back to a life which I found worthy of remembering....

There is no history that I live with but, the one that I want to live with. No future, I see myself a part of, than the one, I am, finally a part of.....Just some pictures that I carry that hopefully I will bring to life in the times to come...

And as I write this I have just been given some wonderful news, another picture to add to some lovely memories, of a magical place that felt like home. Unit of the Year....not bad....Congrats Svety....

Friday, December 08, 2006

Of Hope, the Need & the Greed

Its amazing, the path I tread, always makes me smile at my impudence. How could I have been so arrogant in thinking that I knew where I'd land up !!!

I take time out and laugh.....

I, never in my wildest imagination thought I would be working for the Sports Performance Brand.....and enjoying it at that....I laugh

Again, I always tell the ones who still love me how i'm going to make it up to them one day....i'll lose weight.....look like a million bucks.....and ensure that the time I lost with them because I just couldn't look the way they wanted me to look wouldn't has to come full circle, right??? And, I laugh

There is no way love can live and die in the same time frame....thats what i grew up believing. And, I laugh

There is no way I can live without you....indeed!! And, I laugh

My son's going to look at me with the same "love in his eyes look" forever....hahahahahah

I laugh at all these and so many more. I call it Hope. At times the need to hope, Most times, the greed to hope.....

I'm rooting for u Dada....fight back and give us the comeback you deserve....oh god don't make me laugh at this one.