Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Things I'd Love To Do This Minute
  • haunt the most comfortable armchair under the most awesome grey-black sky and get drenched in the rain
  • indulge a duststorm listening to my favourite songs
  • swim in the sea
  • forget that i'm obese
  • play teen patti till the night takes over
  • lose myself in some other country
  • shop like mad for everyone I love
  • play chef at my own restaurant


Smiling Dolphin said...

Sounds awesome and inviting......
Things I'd most love to do....wrap my arms around a friend and a sequoia tree in the Muir Woods of California, while sipping on a glass of the best Chardonnay...but then reality bites...

Anonymous said...

I suggest opening an eatery on the Somalian coast would take care of lotsa things - swimming in sea, resturant, country, and obesity. Teen patti would depend upon the locals aptitude for it.

Abhigyan from Beta version