Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just Heard This, Beautiful

"Ek din fursat mein
thaame haath hamaare
le gaye us dagar pe
jahan rehti hain baharein

Chal diye hum bhi ghar se
kuch befiqar se
dil tha apne bharose
hum the dil ke sahaare

Pal bada mukhtasar tha
tere seene pe sar tha
yun laga mar na jaaein
itni khushiyon ke maare.."

Courtsey: Zindaggi Rocks


Smiling Dolphin said...

translation please! at least of the overall message, thanks, lynn

Anonymous said...

One day, at leisure, someone held my hand and took me to a very breezy place (hint: the previous photo was a curtain-raiser to this?).

I also left home, when the heart was clueless, and I guided by that clueless thing.

I enjoyed placing my head on ur chest, and almost died out of happiness (not the breeze).

svety said...

Heavens !!! Lynn will come back with the real one. Soon.
And Mr. Anonymous, u need to change the way u think for me to not be able to recognise u.

Smiling Dolphin said...

Anonymous's translation is a non-translation. I have absolutely no idea now what the song is trying to say at all. Totally confused. What has breeze got to do with a clueless heart?

Y said...

hey svety - your comment on my blog meant a lot to me :-) it was the first of somebody who i don't know directly. i plan to visit your blog often too. thanks. also, i notice your intro about rambling was similar to mine, we clearly think alike :-). cheers, Y

svety said...

hi Y, really enjoyed ur blog...right up my alley...and i do know off u from Shome...keep visiting