Monday, August 07, 2006

Thank U Shome

This a rejoinder to my poem WanderLust by my dear friend Shome. Thank U Shome. Its pregnant with the balance of the calm and resplendent with the magic of hope....

Ever heard?
The still sounds of serenity?
The rush of tranquility..
Breezing through the mind..

Ever seen?
The pause in a placid pond?
The dance of stillness..
Holding you spell bound

Ever felt?
The force of a smile
Long suppressed..
Born from the calm around
Giving speech to the silence that surrounds?


Abhigyan said...

I think this was a orecursor to your trip the Abodes of the God, and eating clouds for meals....

svety said...

Ya and u know what happened with my trip to the abodes of the Gods.....