Monday, August 28, 2006

I Loved Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
  • For, what is it they say about movies being the soul of reflection (NO, I haven't got it wrong & I didn't want to write the reflection of the soul)
  • For Karan Johar for having been there even though he apparently hasn't
  • For Shahrukh Khan to have finally dared
  • For AB to have given moments of sheer magic when he mouths "good joke" and his eyes just say "I've caught u boy but don't make me see this"
  • For a screenplay that may not be "right" or "good" or "technically brilliant" but a story that is well told, truly and right from the gut
  • For making "grey" the most beautiful colour
  • For giving Abhisekh the bandwidth to find himself as an actor
  • For friends turned lovers and lovers turned friends & then the most beautiful of all, friends remain friends
  • And, for showing that friendship is not only sacrificing, A Sexy Sam & a Chandigarh CAN flirt & flirt & flirt
  • For reclaiming my faith in something I once read, "the best way out is always through...."


Smiling Dolphin said...

Svety, this is indeed one of your best posts so far...very well written.

Abhigyan said...

I also agree..when we go on and on trying to critique, dissect, analyse..hehe..guess my style to make strive for simplicity and unneccesarily complicate things....

I guess you need to mention the two moments of Abhishek too: when he talks to Rani of patching up instead of breaking, and then his defence at not being a kid.

svety said...

thank u lynn, i really wasn't thinking when i was writng this piece...

and abhi, u r absolutely bang on...the two moments that u're talking abt are possibly the most defining for Abhishek's character and their relationship. Another dialogue that was really insightful and right at the beginning of the movie was - " "kabhi kabhi dosti itni badh jaati hai dil mein ki mohabbat ko jagah heen nahin milti rehne ki" or something to this effect.
And I've always told u some things are better done with the heart than with the mind and the heart only knows simplicity...

Abhigyan said...

Well the idea is when you can think well, the heart gets conditionaed to follow suit...Believe you me, don't know the actual difference in the two, but you cultivate spontaneity.

Didn't like the begininnig dialogues on the movie much, but the end-dialogue, where SRK talks about having a life rather than some glorious ever-after, sort of gives a more realistic touch to the entire story.