Monday, August 28, 2006

I Loved Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
  • For, what is it they say about movies being the soul of reflection (NO, I haven't got it wrong & I didn't want to write the reflection of the soul)
  • For Karan Johar for having been there even though he apparently hasn't
  • For Shahrukh Khan to have finally dared
  • For AB to have given moments of sheer magic when he mouths "good joke" and his eyes just say "I've caught u boy but don't make me see this"
  • For a screenplay that may not be "right" or "good" or "technically brilliant" but a story that is well told, truly and right from the gut
  • For making "grey" the most beautiful colour
  • For giving Abhisekh the bandwidth to find himself as an actor
  • For friends turned lovers and lovers turned friends & then the most beautiful of all, friends remain friends
  • And, for showing that friendship is not only sacrificing, A Sexy Sam & a Chandigarh CAN flirt & flirt & flirt
  • For reclaiming my faith in something I once read, "the best way out is always through...."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have just arrived at this dazzling revelation. For once I sat and thought about myself. Actually two revelations. No three.
  • I never think about myself. Not as in why I am what I am with respect to my interface with others but as what I am by myself. Its not that I don't have the time but just that its so complicated
  • And, the reason why I don't think about it is so very amplified in my first point. i have fucking no clue how to go about it. I jumble easy but to give myself some credit, unravel well...
  • If I were to give myself points on romance and being romantic (mind u, they are both different things) I would rate myself highly but, if u ask me my favourite movies, not more than 1 romantic movie (Love Story, the english one guys, am not talking abt kumar gaurav-vijeta pandit, kya ghazab karte ho jee notwithsatnding) would make it to the top 10.

So there, some big insights abt myself.....

Monday, August 21, 2006

Its Time

There comes a time when one realises how easy it has been to sacrifice self worth at the altar of seeking happiness.

Especially so when u finally realise that the same happiness was never within ur grasp, ever.

Life goes on and so it should....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Thank U Shome

This a rejoinder to my poem WanderLust by my dear friend Shome. Thank U Shome. Its pregnant with the balance of the calm and resplendent with the magic of hope....

Ever heard?
The still sounds of serenity?
The rush of tranquility..
Breezing through the mind..

Ever seen?
The pause in a placid pond?
The dance of stillness..
Holding you spell bound

Ever felt?
The force of a smile
Long suppressed..
Born from the calm around
Giving speech to the silence that surrounds?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Wandering But Not Lost

Of Wanderlust
I know,
That Kills
The heart
With pain....

The tearing need
to be
At a different place..
A different time,
A different smile,
Tears that never fall
tunes that forever call......
Distant seas that stretch out,
Only to stall.

Of wanderlust
I know,
Not Lost.
Moments that stare,
And, dust that dares....
Just go.
Kick back.
Distant seas to stretch out
None to stall.....