Friday, July 28, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

5 Going On 25

I am so happy to be back again. I have so much faith in the eternal oblivion and anonymity of the web that I was already consoling myself with the fact that I had lost this space.

Thank u Lynn for keeping my faith.

Last few days have been frantic. My son has not been well so long nights and even longer days. There is nothing more heart wrenching than seeing ur child suffer. Especially so when ur child wants to spare u the pain by going through his illness with the wisdom of the silent.

Its a different world out there. Here we steel ourselves everyday against corporate misgivings and barbs, infront of the innocence of a child, there is no hiding.

You are asked pointed questions, evaluated and then excused all in the lifetime of a second. My son asked me why I had to go to work. And before I answered he had already assumed it was for money. I tried explaining to him it was something I wanted for myself. "Like I want Maggi", he quipped. I knewI was falling into a trap the moment i said Yes. I cold see the gleam in his eyes as he promptly reminded me that Maggi was junk food and therefore, so was my job.

At 5 yrs hes influencing the way I think, god alone knows what will happen when hes 25....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Well Said, Mr. D H Lawrence

This is what I believe:
That I am I.
That my soul is a dark forest.
That my known self will never be more than a little clearing in the forest.
That gods, strange gods,
come forth from the forest into the clearing of my known self,
and then go back.
That I must have the courage to let them come and go.
That I will never let mankind put anything over me,
but that I will try always to recognize
and submit to the gods in me and the gods in other men and women.
There is my creed.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Lost In Translation

Its been ages since I wrote. My days are so packed that I get little time to be with my thoughts. I steal a moment here and there, but.... Its amazing, I seem to have made a life out of moments that have happened. Better still moments that I wish had happened. Or would happen.

Today doesn't seem to be a good day.....apparently i'm miffed.