Saturday, May 20, 2006

More than Elementary, it Simple, Watson - A Man's Perspective

It’s not difficult understanding men. They are very clear with what they want, what they like and of course what they choose. It becomes problematic only when their female counterparts start looking for reasons behind their choices. I know I know, u’ve heard it all, read it all – men are from mars and women from Venus.

But I’m not. I’m from earth. Like so many of u who are reading this. Hey I need answers, dammit.

Its difficult being a man but noone seems to realise this.

Hey we find it extremely tedious going through a woman’s moods and need for constant exploration.

I love u, and that’s it.

Don’t ask me why.

I’d probably give u an honest take and say ur backside appeals and, especially so when its on its own.
But historical data proves that it would make u cry or twist ur mouth in that I know it all smirk.

That doesn’t change the fact that I do love u.

Don’t ask me when it started
Coz I’d tell u, when the natwest series was going on and u wouldn’t let me watch it until I tickled ur ear. That was when.
And I would be expecting a congratulatory pat for remembering such details.
But oh... u’re face would be a killer.

Haven’t we heard it so many times, it’s all about power politics.

No it’s not. For years we’ve been brainwashed into believing complicated explanations of something which is so simple.
Something that is inherently personal but debated heatedly by outsiders

It’s all about feelings.

Feelings he may have for her and thinks hes showing like a neon light.
Feelings she feels aren’t there because they’re not coming thru.

This is not my pitch as a relationship counselor.
Gimme a break guys.

This is just a plea to each one of you reading this piece.
Between u, and me there is nothing called an us.

The need to make an us comes from a lineage of not being able to stand up for the I
We’ve been conditioned to believe that five fingers make a fist.
They do.
But that doesn’t make individual fingers any less powerful on their own.

And why do they need to be powerful?

Let’s question everything we’ve been taught to believe.

We’ve been brought up on a heavy dosage of “what ifs so prepare for the worst”

There is this inner restlessnes withn which one feels only when things seem too simple for comfort. But that’s what it is.

Simple works.

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