Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Child and I - In Communion

I refuseTo be drowned.
Drawn into a vortex
Of a multiplicity of voices,
To be made to doubt
Believe in
What I know,
For certain,
Not to be.
I stand by my belief.
I believe in God.
In each moment I lose
In every tear I gain.
Within me,
God lies
Waiting for a summon.
Not to act as a saviour
To remind me,
That, he is human too.
what I have with you
Is love.
A meeting of two souls,
An amalgamation
Of their separate wills,
Fusion into one.
The need of a touch redundant.
The echo of a feeling desiring it,

From hope to resignation....

From this wall to that wall...

From your beat to mine.....

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