Monday, April 24, 2006

Being Obese - Day 6 of the 12th Year

Have I been able to stop eating like theres no tomorrow ??? I guess, to some extent, I can dishonestly say, Yes. Dishonestly, coz the reason I've been eating less is coz I don't feel hungry.

I still haven't left Pan Parag. As I told my boss today, the one big reason I want to change my job is that I would feel apologetic in eating Pan Parag their in front of my professional environment. Its not that I like the taste. God alone knows why I can't give it up.

I really don't think much. So its not as if I'm stressing myself out thinking about my life and I substitute the pain and angst with food and pan parag. I've always been a doer versus a thinker. I don't think, coz it just branches out the problem into miniature shoots and then I'm screwed .

This way there is one issue I am unhappy. There ideally should be one solution, to make that issue into a non issue. And, that, should be controllable.

In the case of my increasing mass, the solution is evident and completely controllable. Yet, I find difficulty in comprehending it.

Anyways have promsed myself not to keep hitting myself. Only 10 pan parags today till now & not much to eat.

Atta, girl.

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Lynn said...

Svety, you're wonderful just as you are. Everyone kids you about losing weight, including me. Ignore us and ignore your mirror. You are you, that's all and that's perfect. There will always be only one Svety. Fat, Pan Parag and all, just be yourself. There are millions of people less privileged than you, less intelligent, less fortunate. What's a few kilos here and there???