Friday, March 24, 2006

Farewell Lover

Through blood soaked moments,
I will return,
To a life I have always led,
But no longer know.
Unsure Of how to adopt it:
That I will Have to.
No matter what.
I will surrender
My dishonest soul,
Hold on To my willful heart…
make a life out of it:
your smile
Comes first
Or your dimples


mm said...

dear svety,
first of all lots and lots of love and best wishes for you ,darling i dont know you ,just came upon your blog via some ones .
you are just wonderful ,your lawrence poem ...everything .
problem of fat ....its quite difficult....but in my opinion its not ecause of your too much eating ...its just because you are not listening to your heart ...really .forget everything ..every hurt ...question and question ...question ...yourself wouldnt reach any ans. still keep on .... it can take many years, but dont be afraid ....just know there is no help...only help from last thing.....why you seek a meaning in your otherwise pointless existence

svety said...

u say u don't know me but it seems like u do....

mm said...

ya,i dont know you in physicalsense but dont you believe in universaal unity.everybody on this earth is suffering even those who says they are not ...suffering can differ in kind but not in intensity....yes its a fact.
lots of affection